In our Finishing Barrel Series, we explore the effects of different types of wood on the aging of spirits by using barrels made from different varietals of white oak, as well as barrels used previously to age other spirits and wines. Each bottling is different, so check here for the specifics of what's in each bottle!

Bottling no. 1

86 proof/43% ABV

Bottling number one begins with a 50/50 blend of rye whiskey and corn whiskey. The rye whiskey, distilled to 135 proof, is a young Indiana rye, and is somewhat experimental. In new, charred white oak barrels for only six months, the spirit nevertheless underwent a series of manmade changes to the aging environment to "accelerate" the aging process, resulting in a whiskey that had the composition of something closer to 18 months in the barrel. The corn whiskey was distilled in Canada to 160 proof and stored in used white oak barrels for three years. The blend of whiskies was stored in a Spanish Pedro Ximenez (PX) sherry cask for six months before bottling. In contrast to the more widely known Oloroso sherry, Pedro Ximenez is a sweet sherry, adding a sweetness that helps to balance the peppery notes of the young rye.