• Bronze Medal, ADI 2017
  • Silver Medal, New York World Wine & Spirits Competition 2015

Rather than blackstrap molasses, the inexpensive final byproduct of the sugar refining process most rums are made of, we begin with pure, unadulterated cane sugar from a single source in Brazil—nothing added, nothing removed. In contrast to more refined sugars, this raw sugar contains more of the nutrients that allow the yeast to do their work of turning sugar into alcohol, and we obtain a much fuller range of aromas and flavors.

The yeast—a strain isolated from natural sugar cane fermentations on the Caribbean island of Martinique—is literally evolved to consume the raw sugar we use for Picaroon. To put the yeast in its optimal environment, we ferment at tropical temperatures, resulting in the complex esters that help give Picaroon its tropical fruit aromas and creamy mouthfeel.

We distill Picaroon through our unique pot-column still, which features a combination of plates and structured copper packing, to achieve a high purity and achieve complete separation of the sweet "hearts" of the rum from the harsh flavors in the "heads" and the "tails." To give Picaroon White and Gold Rums their signature smooth finish, we lightly filter the spirit through a proprietary blend of activated carbon designed to remove the last impurities after distillation while retaining as much flavor as possible, creating an un-aged rum that can be enjoyed on the rocks or in cocktails.

For Picaroon Gold, we handcraft our own house caramel from the evaporated juice of American-grown sugar cane and blend a small amount in with the original rum for an irresistible golden color and a toasted caramel sweetness that perfectly complements the vanilla and cream notes of the underlying spirit. Picaroon Gold is bottled at a slightly higher proof than Picaroon White to balance out the additional sweetness of the caramel.

And we're filling barrels with rum as quickly as we can, working toward a series of aged sipping rums. In contrast to many small distilleries, we are committed to aging in the industry standard: 53-gallon American white oak barrels. Look for a series of delicious aged sipping rums down the road!

Unleash your inner rogue. Drink better rum.