Sloops and pirates and fine madeira wine make for a fun bit of local history, but we wanted our first product to tie into our family history as well. Chris and Jon Cook, the founders of Blackwater Distilling, grew up in a military family, calling no place in particular "home" as they moved about the country with their father Rich Cook, who was in the coast guard. Rich had lived out a similar experience growing up in a family piloted by Burt Cook, a U.S. Army pilot. In World War II, Burt flew numerous sorties as a pilot of C-47 troop transport planes. Burt was shot down three times and flew on D-Day but returned home to tell the tale.

The girl on the vodka bottle we affectionately call "Betty" recalls adventures and contribution of Burt Cook by paying homage to the pinup art often found gracing the fuselages of American planes in World War II.

If you are or have been a part of our armed forces, please stop by the distillery for a tour and tasting and show us your military ID for a 10% discount!