• Silver Medal, New York World Wine & Spirits Competition, 2016

Most rums begin with blackstrap molasses, the cheap, final byproduct of the sugar refining process. For Picaroon Overproof White Rum, we take the opposite approach, beginning pure, unadulterated sugar cane syrup—nothing added, nothing removed. We ferment with a strain of yeast isolated from natural sugar cane fermentations in the tropics and we ferment at Caribbean temperatures to bring out fruity notes of banana and pineapple. We distill Picaroon to a high purity, removing many of the harsh flavors usually associated with rum, while retaining a full, sweet taste.

Picaroon Overproof White Rum was born to be put in cocktails. Unlike our white and gold rums, which are carbon filtered, Picaroon Overproof White Rum is un-filtered, retaining the full body and flavor of the spirit from the still. That means it will hold up to strong flavors like fresh lime juice and provide balance to a cocktail. It's also great for infusions—try using it to make limoncello!

Picaroon Overproof White Rum has a nose of bananas, vanilla, and cream, with the vanilla and cream following through into the flavor of the spirit before receding into a sweet, grassy finish, where caramel notes become more prominent.

In addition to infusions, Picaroon Overproof White Rum shines through in cocktails. Use it in a classic daiquiri, mojito, Hemingway daiquiri, or any other cocktail calling for white rum—just use a bit less!

Unleash your inner rogue. Drink better rum.