In 2015 we distilled a series of German lagers from one of Munich's oldest and most celebrated breweries into high-proof spirit, and the resulting blend of spirits from bock, doppelbock, and Oktoberfest beers rested in a single new, 53-gallon, No. 3 char, American white oak barrel for a total of 13 months. The barrel underwent the temperature swings of a full year, from summer, to winter, and back to summer again, as well as a series of manmade temperature swings to nudge the process along.

The result is a surprisingly mature and quaffable spirit, reminiscent of a single malt whiskey but with the deeper color and caramel vanilla notes we Americans love in our bourbons and ryes, as well as an intriguing, hoppy finish.

Because only one barrel of this whiskey has been or ever will be produced, we bottled Geist without chill filtering in 375ml bottles. The first 100 bottles of cask strength whiskey have already been sold out in an earlier pre-sale, but the 90-proof version of the spirit is now available for sale at the distillery while supplies last. Each bottle os hand-labeled and numbered. The bottles are priced at $49.99 each.

Thanks as always for your support of local small businesses, as well as craft distilleries and the innovative perspectives we are bringing to the American distilled spirits industry. We hope to see you at the distillery soon!